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If you're above the age of 50 and find that your sex life isn't what it used to be, we can help!


Our product is the result of our many years of research.

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Welcome to the Joy of Sex for Senior's!

We have developed a program to re-ignite romance, passion and sexual pleasure for seniors. Our program includes a kit that provides therapeutic, sexual education and implements to help seniors find the sexual enjoyment they experienced during younger years.


We are a couple in our 70's and have experienced the decline in our own sexual activity and decided to find ways to enjoy more sexual satisfaction during our senior years.


We conducted a study on how to achieve a closer relationship and increase our sexual partnership. Our study has taken into consideration our years of personal sexual experience along with talking with close friends and researching information and studies available from educational institutions, doctors and educators.

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These studies and reports deal with subjects such as erectile dysfunction in men and lack of sexual pleasure experienced by women. We found it interesting that there is a considerable sexual decline in the majority of seniors in age groups between 50 to 90 years of age.

The conclusion of our study led us to develop our program to help couples with a simple and complete sexual education kit. The kit includes 25 items including a Joy of Sex for Senior's booklet, videos and the actual implements necessary to achieve a wonderful, satisfying and sexually pleasing love life.


The kit helped us regain our Joy of Sex and provides a more open minded and communicative format that has brought us more sexual pleasure.


We experimented with numerous sexual implements and products to decide the best tools to have in the Joy of Sex for Senior's kit. We believe you and your partner will agree that out program and Joy of Sex for Senior's kit is a significant benefit for overcoming erectile dysfunction and a declining sex life.


Erectile dysfunction contributes to men losing the ability to enjoy sex which in turn makes some women think they have become less sexually attractive. The kit helps men and women develop a new and open approach to regain a stronger sex drive.


Many men and women have become bored or tired of a routine in their sex life. Visually, sagging skin and wrinkles due to the aging process cause seniors to lose sexual excitement. The Joy of Sex for Senior's kit provides the answer to these issues and will light a new fire in a senior couple's romance and sex life.

The kit contains 25 items including a designer carry bag and sells for $295.00 plus shipping and handling.


Please click on the KIT page to see the contents of the Joy of Sex for Senior's Kit to help you and your partner regain an exciting pleasurable sex life.